Clean Venture

Clean Venture offers a broad range of environmental services from industrial cleaning and emergency response to large scale site remediation projects. Clean Venture has offices in MA, CT, NJ, PA, DE and MD enabling them to serve both power generation utility companies as well as the refining industry along the northeast coast.

Green Street Environmental has worked with Clean Ventures on a variety of projects since 2014, including support of projects for:

  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH),
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI),
  • Rockville Water Treatment Plant,
  • Architect of the Capitol, and
  • The City of Rockville

Building_10Project Highlight: NIH Building 34

Green Street Environmental providing environmental support services relating to delineation of building materials contaminated by PCBs released in a historic transformer oil spill. Project consisted of submitting a PCB testing/delineation plan for several building materials throughout multiple floors in a building scheduled for demolition. Green Street provided rapid laboratory analysis and reporting in order to maintain Client demolition/remediation scheduling. Green Street provided sampling plans, collected bulk concrete, soil, water, and dust wipes, assessed decontamination and disposal procedures, and prepared closure reports for Petroleum products, Regulated building Materials (mercury switches, flourescent light tubes, pcb ballasts), and PCB wastes and PCB contaminated building materials. Some work was performed inside containment areas with class C PPE.


“The level of professionalism and the wealth of knowledge that John and the rest of the team at Green Street Environmental is unmatched. Their attention to detail, thoroughness, and responsiveness to their customers’ needs make them an exceptional leader in the environmental consulting field.”

– Kevin Costello, CHMM, Project Manager, Clean Ventures, Inc.