U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Baltimore District

The USACE – Baltimore District: Employs 1,200 civilian and 15 active military personnel; Maintains 290 miles of federal channels; Oversees 148 miles of federal flood protection levees preventing approximately $16 billion in damages to date; Manages 15 reservoir projects preventing approximately $4 billion in damages to date; Runs the Washington Aqueduct, which supplies an average of 150 million gallons of drinking water daily to the District of Columbia, and Arlington County and Falls Church, Va.; Protects environmentally sensitive coastline, through restoration of 1,140 acres of remote island; Manages a $2.8 billion military program; Works with non-DOD agencies, including Library of Congress, Department of Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, among others; Leases and supports more than 300 Armed Forces recruiting stations and 180 housing units; and Supports the national response plan as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s team.

Green Street Environmental has worked for the USACE – Baltimore District since 2011. We have assisted with Environmental Inspections at the following facilities during that time.

  • Fort Meade
  • Fort McHenry
  • Defense Depot, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
  • Fort McNair

nsa-domestic-surveillance-abuseProject Highlight: Fort Meade Army Base

Green Street Environmental assists USACE – Baltimore District with the evaluation Regulated and Hazardous Materials in Buildings at Fort Meade as needed, including lead-based paint. We also provide advice and guidance related to health-based risk reduction and abatement methods.