A Balancing Act: Conducting Timely and Thorough Environmental Site Assessments

Green Street Environmental routinely conducts Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). We recognize the need for assessments to comply with ASTM E1527-13 (“the Standard”) and also meet a client’s time constraints. This can be a balancing act when public information requests are necessary to gain access to records for further review.

Regulatory research of one of our recent Phase I ESAs conducted in Washington DC indicated historical underground storage tanks (UST) on the subject site and adjoining the subject site. The local authority’s reporting indicated that these UST cases were “closed” but did not provide a full and complete picture associated with each UST case. In situations like this, the Standard strongly recommends a file review which, in some cases, can take 30-60 days to complete depending on response to the request and readily-available access to the records. This delay can create hardship for transaction-related timelines.

Thus, it is important for all stakeholders to be aware of instances that may require public information requests and also understand the time delays inherent in these requests and evaluations.

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