Industrial Hygiene

Contact William Montley, C.H.M.M., C.I.E.  or  Brett Kilczewsk

  • AsbestosInspections; Abatement Specifications; Operations & Maintenance Plans; Abatement Monitoring & Clearance; Vacuum Sampling; Air Sampling & On-site PCM Analysis; Naturally Occurring Asbestos; Demolition Permit Assistance; Waivers for Glove Bagging, Condemned Buildings and Non-RACM Removal Disposal; and AHERA and HUD MAP / LEAN Compliance.
  • Lead-Based PaintXRF Inspections; Abatement Specifications; Operations & Maintenance Plans; Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Testing; Maryland and DC Lead Program Compliance; and HUD MAP and LEAN Compliance.
  • MoldInspections; Remediation Design; Clearance; and Operations & Maintenance Plans.
  • Radon: Inspections; Short-term and Long-term Testing; Residential and Commercial; and HUD MAP and LEAN Compliance.
  • Health and Safety and Regulatory Compliance for Hazardous Materials in Buildings: Lead-based paint; Asbestos; Mercury (poly flooring, fluorescent lamps, thermostats, switches); PCBs (transformers, ballasts, caulk, hydraulics); Storage Tanks and Compressed Gas Cylinders; RCRA Compliance.
  • Indoor Air QualityAssessment and Inspections; Sampling Strategies; Corrective Action Guidance; In-place Management; Post Remediation Clearance; Carbon Monoxide (CO); Formaldehyde; Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2); Pesticides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); Asbestos; Lead and other Heavy Metals; Biological Pollutants; and LEED IAQ Testing and Compliance.
  • Worker Safety: Personal Air Monitoring for OSHA Compliance; Negative Exposure Assessments (NEA’s); Crystalline Silica & Respirable Dust; Metals; Asbestos; Coal Dust; PNOR; and VOCs.