HUD MAP Environmental & Capital Needs


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National Housing Act Programs

  • 220 – new construction or substantial rehab of mixed use projects in urban renewal areas
  • 221(d)(4) – new construction or substantial rehab of apartments
  • 223(a)(7) – refinance of FHA-insured mortgages
  • 223(f) – refinance or purchase of existing apartments
  • 231 – new construction or substantial rehab of housing for the elderly

Contamination Analysis

  • Phase I ESA, Tier 1 VES as well as discussion of additional nuisances or hazards.
  • As required, Phase II ESA and Tier 2 VES are conducted as well as development of remediation plans.

Regulated and Hazardous Materials in Buildings

  • Lead-based paint, Asbestos, and Radon inspection/assessment, abatement support and O&M plans conducted in accordance with Federal and local requirements.

HEROS (HUD Env. Review Online System)

  • Historical Preservation; Flood Management & Flood Insurance; Wetlands Protection; Endangered Species; Noise; Explosives; Coastal Barrier Resources; Coastal Zone Management; Sole Source Aquifers; Airport Hazards and Runway Clear Zones; Environmental Justice; and Wild Scenic Rivers – Farmland Protection – Clean Air Act.

Capital Needs Assessment

  • Performed in compliance with Appendix 5G using HUD’s CNA e-Tool