We will focus on resolving your environmental challenges
with your business goals in mind.


Phase I ESAs including Lead-Based Paint, Asbestos and Radon for Real Estate Transactions and Finance

HUD Environmental Reviews for FHA Multi-Family Financing

Phase II ESAs including Soil, Groundwater and Soil-Gas

Building Health including Indoor Air, Mold and Industrial Hygiene

Turn-Key Strategies for Environmental Compliance, Liability Protection and Safer Outcomes

HUD MAP Guide Environmental Reviews

231: Elderly Housing

221(d)(4): New Construction / Substantial Rehab

223(f): Purchase or Refinance

Underground Storage Tanks



Regulatory Compliance

Phase II ESAs

ASTM E1903 Compliant

Soil, Soil-Gas and Groundwater

Regulatory Compliance

Building Inspections

HUD MAP Guide and ASTM Compliant

Lead-Based Paint, Asbestos and Radon

O & M Plans

Indoor Air

Indoor Air Quality Assessments


Industrial Hygiene


Phase I ESAs & Vapor Encroachment Screens

MAP Guide Compliant

ASTM E1527 and E2600 Compliant

HUD MAP Environmental Reviews

CENST: Airports, Coastal Barriers and Flood Insurance

CEST: Coastal Zones, Toxics, Endangered Species, Explosives, Farmland, Floodplains, Historic Preservation, Noise, Aquifers, Wetlands, Scenic Rivers and Environmental Justice



ASTM Environmental Professional

Certified Indoor Environmentalist

Certified Hazardous Material Manager

Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor, Project Designer

Asbestos Inspector, Supervisor, Management Planner, Project Designer

AARST-NRPP Radon Residential Measurement Provider

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